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Ayyappa Deeksha Mandala Deeksha Maaladharana Rules Do’s and Don’ts

Ayyappa Mandala Deeksha & Ayyappa Maala Guide, Rules Do’s & Don’ts

Humanity is affected by Kali Yuga atrocities from the start of the civilization in India. To promote the ethical & spiritual empowerment, Many rituals & pujas are made part of Hindu way of life. But to attain the moksha and make a person to run his life in righteousness a new way of reaching paramatma is required. Many thanks to the feet or Lord Ayyappa Swamy, Devotees have the best chance to get the acquaintance of god by doing Ayyappa Maaladharana.

Benefits of Ayyappa Maala:

Rules of Ayyappa Maala Deeksha will make a person stop his vices, Improves health overtime.

Makes a man to see god in every human being.

Overcome the negative benefits of Shani planet in Horoscope chart.

Get to follow the pure way of Bramhacharya which makes the devotee a power house.

Promotes equality among the devotees to give up the differences when they are in deeksha.

Rules of Ayyappa Deeksha:

One must wear ayyappa maala with the guidance of a Guruswamy who have completed his 18 times trip to sabarimala.

They must wear 2 maalas made of tulasi, spatika, rudraksha etc. One for to wear by mothers hand and 2nd is for Guruswamy.

Deeksha Dharana swamys must not have mensuration women while in their periods in the house during their deeksha.

Girl child below 12 years are only eligible for Ayyappa maala or Women who have gone into Menopause aged after 60 years are eligible

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